Nissan gave Zed car fans a glimpse of the upcoming 400Z, and the images appear to show it is a heavy facelift rather than an all-new model.

The new Nissan 400Z has been teased in a video presentation broadcast from Japan tonight at the end of the company’s annual financial report.

The images of the new Nissan 400Z appear to show it is a heavy facelift rather than an all-new model.

If the daytime running lamps are a guide, circular headlights appear to make a comeback on the new Nissan 400Z, no doubt a nod the original Zed car models from the 1970s.

The silhouette images also reveal a similar roofline to today’s Nissan 370Z, a large clue that the new model could be a reskin of the current car rather than a ground-up redesign.

Nissan is yet to confirm when the new 400Z will arrive in showrooms and what it will be powered by, however it is expected to go on sale locally next year with a turbo 3.0-litre V6 (said to pump out 298kW/475Nm) under the bonnet driving, of course, the rear wheels.

The images also show the new Nissan 400Z will share the same compact proportions as the current Nissan 370Z.

With so much grunt in such a nimble package, the Nissan 400Z could be the closest in philosophy to the original we’ve seen in the history of Zed cars.

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